February 9th, 2009

Waiting for the Gas man

Whatever happened to giving people times and appointments, when did we start this we'll be round sometime between, or it will be am or pm!
I waste so much of my time sitting waiting for deliveries or in this case the gas man to read the meter. (although he hasn't bothered for the last 2 and half years so nt sure he'll turn up now).

Still I'm sure work is still under 7" of snow so I shouldn't complain about not having to go in, although it did look really pretty on Saturday. No idea where the track was but I built a snowman and made a snow angel (not advised in work uniform it gets very wet), and shock I actually had 2 visitors!

(not sure how useful the spell check is LJ my spelling is so bad it can't seem t even guess the word I'm trying for!)
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