Penny (pennyanne) wrote,

still alive

hi all, well anyone thats listening

you will hqve to excuse any bad typing errors as I am sat at a computer in a little hotel in Belgium and it seems that they like to put letters in different places on their keyboards, so this is taking sometime to write anything

some keys likee a full stop for example have gone completely, maybe they have no use for one here!

just passing some time before i get ny train to Amsterdam later today, have waved Steph off this morning (ok the m being in another place is getting annoying now)and will be picking up my mother in amsterdam (dont ask)

its raining here too if fact has a lot recently, my tan if fading already (burnt for nothing)

Belgium was fun and it was lovely to see steph, but I miss the mountains already, I think I have discovered my true home (if I believed in all that crap) I want to live in the mountains, with the snow and learn to ski!

ok well will sign off now before I throw this keyboard at someone, or miss my train

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