Penny (pennyanne) wrote,

Rugby - well most team sport really

Why do we insist in playing world cup matches (rugby and Football for that matter) as England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland? (Well Ireland I can kind of understand, only some of it is the UK).

Just a thought, we do ok in both sports, but maybe if we joined all the teams together and fielded one team of the best in the UK we might actually be up there!
After all we are one country aren't we, I mean you don't see America or Australia entering as different states!
It's just sums up the arrogance and single mindedness and stupidity of this country, we can't even join together with each other for our own good, what chance do we stand trying to get on with the rest of the world?

It's like our whole resistance to joining Europe, why? Lets stop trying to climb up Americas arse and go with the countries on our doorstep. I mean it's not as if they are strangers we have been part of an empire in some form or another that has covered a lot of Europe for hundreds of years.
Sorry to break this to people but we are no super power, we no longer rule half the world, we are just another little island get over it!

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