Penny (pennyanne) wrote,

Poor Dog

Just watched the GP2 race in Turkey (yes I will watch just about anything with wheel and an engine these days).

There was an accident where 2 stray dogs got loose on the track, one was hit by Bruno Senna's car which took him out of the race.
There was a lot of talk about the damage to his car and how unfair it was, and who was to balme for letting the dogs on the track, but the whole thing made me quite angry.

Yes I agree it was very bad luck for him and completely not his fault, but it wasn't exactly great for the the poor innocent dog either! Not one word on if the dog was killed out right you'd think sometone might check the poor thing was really dead not suffereing on the side of the track!
It's not much to ask, it was a very unfortunate accident and obvously track secuirty need to be tighter but once you have checked the driver isn't hurt, the least they could do is make sure the dog is not still suffering!

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